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      2019.09.05 Send sequentially from day to day
  • The closing date for the fund is 2019.07.31 You can pay at "My Page > Order List" or the guided page after finishing the fund. Shipment will be made after the closing of the fund, returned to the shipping center, and sent sequentially. I'll notify you by texting or notifying you before sending the product.
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Goods, don't buy it. Funding

The Stardoit Goods is a reward-funding method.

What is Reward Funding?

Unlike the traditional way of buying goodies, Stardoit's reward funding is done by investing in the production of goodies by artists. After participating in the fund-raising to achieve your goal, you can receive your own personally invested goodies within the specified delivery period.
  • You must sign up as a member to participate in the fund.
    • - When you sign up for membership, you must enter accurate customer information (phone number, e-mail, etc.) to pay for the fund later.
      (If incorrect information is entered, payment period and other information may not be available.)
  • We don't pay as soon as we apply for a fund.
    • - Payment can only be made when the funding is closed.
    • - Payment URLs will be sent to customers participating in the fund via Kakao Alert Talk and SMS.
    • - Payments can also be made on My Page, the StarDoit website.
  • The more you get together, the less the final funding is.
    • - If you achieve your goal of 300%, you will receive a 5% discount on your funding.
    • - If you achieve your goal of 500%, you will receive a 10% discount on your funding.
    • - If you achieve your goal of 500%, you will receive a 15% discount on your funding..
    • - Even if the amount of funding is discounted, the delivery is the same.
  • If 100% funding is not achieved, it may not be delivered.
    • - Even if the funding is not achieved 100%, you can receive the product after payment according to consultation with the copyright holder (entertainment company) and the manufacturer.
    • - When you participate in a fund, you must enter the customer information accurately to guide you through the progress.
  • Please check the funding period, payment period, date of shipment, etc.
    • - Funding Period: You can participate in funding..
    • - Payment period: Payment is made by the decided amount of funding. (The decision amount can be checked after the closing of the fund.
    • - Sending date: The scheduled date of shipment is indicated in the product details. Please check..
  • Wait, please check before the funding.
      • F Funding mode :
      • You can participate in the fundings within the funding period and receive goodies when you achieve your goal. Funding will continue until the deadline.
      • L Limited mode :
      • With a fixed amount of funds, you can fund within a specified quantity, and when the target quantity is reached, the funds are automatically closed..

Shipping related information

  • Delivery scheduled date2019.09.05 Scheduled to ship sequentially from day one
  • The delivery chargeShipping costs vary by country, by weight. Product weight × Quantity purchased × Weight by country Amount
  • Shipping companyCJ LOGISTICS
  • Transport Information Delivery will begin after "Pending closing payment request payment completion logistics center return". There may be more than 2 to 3 days difference from the scheduled delivery date for inevitable reasons, such as 2 to 3 days on average/delivery to the inter-Korean shipping area. Delivery may be delayed due to force majeure (variable supply and demand, natural disasters, etc.).

Exchange/Return Guidance

  • Exchange/returnable period When returning/exchange, please submit an exchange/return after consulting with the customer center (publishing board, phone). In case you send it arbitrarily without receiving exchange/returns You may not be able to return/exchange/refund. Please note the benefits.

    - Within 7 days of receipt of the product (refund/exchange shipping fee for a simple change review)
    - If the contents of the product differ from the contents of the advertisement, the subscription can be withdrawn within three months of receipt of the product or within 30 days of noticing the fact.

restriction of exchange/return/refund

  • · In case of custom-made goods, the product has been manufactured.
  • · The value of the product has decreased significantly (use/use, time elapsed, etc.)
  • · In case the resale cannot be resold due to damage, contamination, or malfunction caused by carelessness of the advance;
  • · Free return/exchange is required because of differences in monitor resolution and color in different images.
  • ※ Other Return Restrictions
  • - Clothing & miscellaneous items: Remove TAGs, remove labels and merchandise, wash and wear
  • - Books, DVDs, CDs, records, etc.: In case packaging of products that can be duplicated is opened/disclosed/destroyed
  • - Cosmetics/Toilets/Others: In case packaging materials are damaged due to opening
  • - Consumer Electronics : In case the packaging vinyl of a product is damaged
  • - Digital appliances: In case warranty labels, unique numbers, etc. are damaged

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Q&A Ask questions about GOODS

  • Please contact 1:1 for exchange/refund inquiries regarding the donated goodies.
  • slander, advertising, and other unhealthy articles may be deleted without prior consent.
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